Customer Testimonials

William Older Playgroup -
Playground Basics visits the William Older Playgroup in West Sussex to discover how playgroup manager Sue Droy used our signs to completely transform their outdoor space!

Sue from the William Older Playgroup recommends the Gruffalo Story Frieze because:

"it is a popular story with the children and the frieze helps them tell the story in their own words. Having words on the frieze shows them that print holds meaning and the story is in sequence so they can follow it through from beginning to end."


Sue's most recent purchase was the Gruffalo spin wheel, story frieze and characters. She says:

"All the Gruffalo products are bright, colourful and instantly recognisable."


"[the Gruffalo Spin Wheel] is fun and accessible to children
on all levels. It allows them to recall and recount different elements of the story."


"During a visit, Ofsted has noticed and complimented on our outdoor playground signs."


"I have had the busy builders signs up for over 5 years and the colour doesn't fade!"


Tilly's Preschool -
Playground Basics supplied Tilly's Preschool with some welcome signs.

Natalie King from Tilly's Preschool says:

"I recently had some boards designed for my preschool (Tilly's Preschool) which arrived recently. I would just like to tell you how fantastic I think they are and want to thank you for them. I am very pleased with them. I will be a returning customer."



Ysgol Trefonnen -
Playground Basics supplied Ysgol Trefonnen with Wibbly Alphabet Murals, Blank Chalkboards and Outdoor Number Panels.

Simone Lowthe-Thomas from Ysgol Trefonnen says:

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for the order which arrived, as requested by the 18th July and were just what we wanted."


Farlington Nursery-
Playground Basics supplied Farlington with lots of colourful outdoor signs.
Animal signs  

Rachel from Farlington says:

"We have had some of our signs up for over 5 years and the colours never fade"

  Welcome to our Nursery Sign

Dolls House Nursery-
Playground Basics supplied Dolls House with Animal and Nature Signs.
Insect Sign  

Rachel from Dolls House Nursery says:

"JHR Educational Playgrounds signs really help brighten up our outdoor space"

"I always buy my signs from JHR, that way I know what I am getting! The quality is good and I am never disappointed"

  Owl Sign

Little House Day Nursery-
Playground Basics supplied Little House Day Nursery with Chalkboards and Nursery Rhyme Signs.
Blank Round Chalkboards  

Mrs Walker from Little House Day Nursery says:

"These outdoor signs are fantastic. Parents and visitors have commented on how bright and ‘eye catching’ they are!"

"The illustrated Nursery Rhyme signs have helped transform our story corner. The children recognise the characters and interact with the signs by pointing to the Nursery Rhyme they want to hear."

  Nursery Rhyme Signs

Rebecca Cheetham Nursery-
Playground Basics supplied Rebecca Cheetham Nursery with Outdoor Murals and Number Signs.
Outdoor Murals  

Gillian from Rebecca Cheetham Nursery says:

"JHR signs are reasonably priced and their bold designs are good quality!"

  Curvey Number Signs